Donald Sterling: racist or prejudice?

I’ve heard L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterlings views & opinions captured last week. I’ve heard both sides of the argument, some arguing from a sociology perspective he’s simply prejudice, while others are calling him a full blown racist.

To an extent I agree with both, but he tries to justify his prejudice views by stating “its the culture we live in” & again sadly I would agree, it is the culture we live in. However, since he is upholding, instilling, & justifying a prejudice culture that is indeed designed to systematically disenfranchise a particular ethnic group economically,emotionally,& socially then he is indeed a racist to the highest decree.

Him having an predominately black team & girlfriend is a mere coincidence, after all this is the NBA not the PGA. I wouldn’t be foolish or insensitive enough to compare the NBA to slavery, but he has the same mentality of a slave master. He has no problem with African Americans as long as they win games & increase his revenue, but he does not view blacks as his contemporaries “I gave them clothes, i gave them cars, I gave them houses”

Being prejudice is a preconceived opinion that is not based on fact or actual experience. But racism is a system that operates like a well oiled machine. You don’t have to be a sociology major to draw this conclusion

I can only imagine what many of your views & opinions would be if Donald Sterling made inappropriate anti-Semitic or homosexual comments

I challenge you all to look past the content of the conversion & identify the true underlying issue, that issue is injustice! I know this may be difficult for those who have never been discriminated against,or have been the object of ridicule, or extreme prejudice.

As as far “it was a private conversation” justification goes, let us not forget “Watergate” was a private conversation (for my fellow history buffs out there.) The problem for many of us is our culture, if tradition, beliefs, & heritage causes one to become a bigot & or prejudicial pig is that culture essential for the betterment of society?

There will come a time when we all have to get off our passive horses & finally come to realization that the only race that matters is the human race.