Wake up Now

I’m not knocking anyone who is a member of the Wake Up Now movement. If you can rage against the machine & acquire a additional income thats trill to the highest decree in the land. Essentially, we all are in a involuntary pyramid scheme of some sort hence, your local/state sales & property taxes, federal withholding, toll road authorities, etc. etc.

I don’t have a marketing degree but I’m pretty sure when you’re trying to entice the consumer to buy into a particular product, insulting the consumer is not efficient or effective. I’ve had people approach me like I’m just “hanging in the chow line” or “scratching & surviving” as if my life was a recurring episode of “Good Times” very Jehovah Witness-ish I thought it was the guy from the Everest college commercial.

It wouldn’t work for me because I can’t fathom the thought of my “potential” income being dictated by the actions of others. But I’m not rebuking the club get your money my friend.


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  1. benbrilliant · May 19, 2014

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