Domestic Terrorism & False Patriotism


Domestic Terrorism & False Patriotism

The word terrorist is a term used to describe someone who uses violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Seems pretty cut & dry right? The second coming of Al Queda, now known as ISIS has triggered fear among the American people.

You can’t turn on the TV without hearing the words terrorist or terrorism. What makes one a terrorist? Because it seems to me that only a small demographic is subjected to this term.

Is a terrorist someone commits a act of terror in the name of religion? Is middle eastern decent  & Islamic faith a prerequisite? What about someone who shoots a elementary school or a movie theater? Are they considered terrorist? What about the Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazis & the Arian brotherhood? What about a police officer who shoots a unarmed teenager?  Are their crimes of terror any less significant.

False patriotism is a term that is seldom discussed. There is nothing wrong with loving your country. However, when the love for your country causes you to be biased & prejudice we have a problem. In my opinion people use false patriotism as justification to make generalized statements. Let’s the be frank, you’re more likely to die from peanut allergies than terrorism. Don’t use an entire demographic as a scapegoat for prejudice,  especially when only a handful or responsible for acts of terror.

I’m a African American male who lives in a euro centric society, where my biggest  problem is how others perceive me before i even utter a word. The only terrorist I’ve ever encountered wear badges & hold congressional seats.  But that’s another can of worms. Singing off


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  1. ShelbyCourtland · October 24, 2014

    I hear you! And I know that it’s not easy. You see, part of the problem is that Americans have always been so easily brainwashed, controlled and therefore, biddable. Use the right tools and you can pretty much get them to see anything you want them to see, and get them to hate anyone you want them to hate without reason or cause. And if the same old tricks work, why change the script? Just insert new ‘enemy’, denounce them as terrorists and voila, you’ve sold your bill of goods to a most willing audience especially if the ‘terrorists’ have a bit more melanin than what’s acceptable by the ‘whites’ and we all know there is NO melanin acceptable to the ‘whites’, not unless it’s artificially supplied by tanning beds, overexposure to the sun or comes in a can.

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