Telling Blacks & Latinos To Vote More Isn’t A Solution



  I find it offensively amusing when the western media and people who are instinctively oblivious to the racial and social class issues in America propose unrealistic and racially biased narratives to solve the “race problem” in America.

Sadly, many African Americans and Latinos have eaten and digested this plate of biased slop. Hopefully after reading this blog you can shake your “We do this to ourselves/if we just” mentality. Today we will discuss voter turn out, or lack thereof. 

                    If we voted more”

In the 2012 presidential election only 13% of African Americans and 10% of Latinos came out to exercise their fifteenth amendment right. Many believe African American and Latinos cries fall on deaf ears due to a subpar voting initiative. I do not believe this is case. I believe it is lack of representation that causes disenchantment among black and Latino voters.

One reason why many African Americans and Latinos are reluctant to vote is that when we do decide to exercise our right, we find ourselves playing a game of “the lesser of the two evils” at the polls. Which isn’t a hard choice because the GOP doesn’t shy away from their bigoted agendas and The Democratic party makes a valid effort to exploit our social struggles with minimal, but slightly believable compassion to gain minority votes. 

  In my personal opinion, liberation and equality in America will not manifest from the Democratic or Republican party. Liberals and independent dark horses rarely get elected, so we won’t go into hypotheticals with their party agendas. Voting is only effective if the elected officials cater to the needs of the people who elected them. Otherwise it’s pointless and ineffective.

  Here’s another interesting statistic. In 2012 Asian Americans had the lowest voter turn out at 3%. Ironically, Asian- Americans have the highest average family income of $68, 636. Caucasians hold a average household income of $57,007, despite leading voter turn out at 73% Hispanics Americans hold a average household income of $39,005 with a 10% voter turn out. The African American average household income is $33,321 with a 13% voter turn out.

   I think it’s safe to say voting is a privilege, not a gateway to liberation, equality or financial bliss. The Asian- Americans are a testament of that.  Voting is a great gesture and a right I appreciate. However I do not believe it will end racial prejudice and institutional racism. It’s an internal social issue that will be solved by the people, not elected officials.

No one should have to vote to have their human and civil rights respected and acknowledged. This is just one of the many unrealistic solutions to solve the race problem in America.


-Terrance Thomas



“Thug” Is The New “Nigger”


  By this time I’m sure the title of this post has caught your attention. Before you become apprehensive, uncomfortable and attempt to discredit my work let me plead my case. I will articulate this to the best of my ability.

Sensationalistic journalism and coined phrases seem to be the catalyst for big stories by today’s major media outlets. Many people universally agree the media is the greatest tool used to perpetuate propaganda. This of course doesn’t stop us from tuning in to get our daily dose of fear lace with biased partisan.

In regards to the well being of my conscious mind, I only watch the news in moderation. However, when I do watch the news, I can’t help but see the racial disparities when a story is being covered. Or maybe I’m experiencing what is known as “racial ear”, a disease that effects 10 out of 10 black men in America ages 5 to 99.

Its no sceret that crime is prevalent in America. So when crime occurs i expect the media to cover it without bias. But it seems  when a person of color commits a crime, or the media wants to discredit someone, they receive an additional label. That label is the word thug.

I would have no issue with the word if it was used to describe a every who commits a violent crime. Unfortunately, that is not case, hence my articulate rant. I need someone to help me understand why only blacks and Latinos are carrying the social stigma as well the burden for this word. I’m my opinion when the media uses the word “thug” that is the politically correct way of calling someone a “nigger”

My suspicions were confirmed when Standford graduate and NFL corner back Richard Sherman was called a thug after a passionate post game interview. I could give more examples, but I think you get the point. Yes, I just “took it there” are you uncomfortable & apprehensive yet?

I’m a advocate for equality, even when it comes to covering stories of criminals. The word “thug” is used as tool of demonization. It is no different when the media calls someone who is of middle eastern decent a “terrorist” The problem is people loose focus of the crime & begin associating the derogatory word with the  contemporary ethnic groups. We all know how powerful the unconscious mind is.

As far as I’m concerned a person who shoots and killls people in a movie theater or gables away people’s retirement & life savings of hundreds for greed and financial gain on wall street is a “terrorist” and “thug” as well.

I don’t shy away from controversy, I don’t turn the other cheek, nor do I pray for my enemies. I hold a mirror to society, unfortunately the reflection isn’t always pretty. I hope this makes aware, uncomfortable and angry. I pray this sparks social awareness, i am only a voice.

Signing off

Terrance Thomas
Soon to be “the angry black guy”