The Michael Sam Effect: A story of hypocrisy

The NFL draft is always a exciting event fueled by high hopes, anticipation, & raw emotion. Both collegiate & NFL fans around the world get to watch their respected teams take a swing at improving their franchises via draft selections.

However, this years particular draft featured a big name daft hopeful by the name of Michael Sam. The 6’2 University of Missouri All- American defensive end was the 2013 SEC defensive player of the year. He is now better known for revealing to the world that he is a homosexual in a ESPN interview that aired February 2014.

Public reaction to Sam’s revelation sent shock waves through the media. Many condemned Sam’s lifestyle, while others commended him for his bravery & honesty on such a controversial topic. Some speculated that this would affect his draft stock, some even speculating it may cause him to go undrafted.

With the 249th pick in the 7th round the St. Louis Rams selected Michael Sam, a emotional Sam embraced his boyfriend & kissed him. A swarm of controversy shortly followed. Nevertheless, history was made, making Michael Sam the NFL’s first openly Gay player.

I am a 24 year old heterosexual male & also a member of the NAACP. I believe in equality for all, this includes, but is not limited to ALL! I was disgusted, & appalled that people were disgusted & appalled by Michael Sam’s actions. I am not defending Mr. Sam’s lifestyle, I am defending his right to have that lifestyle. Many who disagree with his lifestyle have taken a religious or moral approach, condemning him because it violates their particular personal moral code or triggers a personal religious deviation.

I just don’t understand how a another persons lifestyle effects yours? There must be a “new God” that holds us responsible for the next mans sin. I didn’t get CC’d on this memo homie. Can someone FWD this to me via email at their earliest convenience? Often times (but not always) the catch 22 of acquiring a religion is that a person gains a lifestyle & holds a flashlight to society. Then, that same person fails to hold a mirror to themselves & examine underlying issues. Hence, your hypocrites, convenient Christians, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, back sliders etc. did I leave anyone out?

I’m no saint but I’m also not arrogant enough to believe my beliefs trumps the next mans. There’s no award for imposing your will on others, unless you’re trying to be the dictator of a oppressive regime.
👐 stay woke!


Wake up Now

I’m not knocking anyone who is a member of the Wake Up Now movement. If you can rage against the machine & acquire a additional income thats trill to the highest decree in the land. Essentially, we all are in a involuntary pyramid scheme of some sort hence, your local/state sales & property taxes, federal withholding, toll road authorities, etc. etc.

I don’t have a marketing degree but I’m pretty sure when you’re trying to entice the consumer to buy into a particular product, insulting the consumer is not efficient or effective. I’ve had people approach me like I’m just “hanging in the chow line” or “scratching & surviving” as if my life was a recurring episode of “Good Times” very Jehovah Witness-ish I thought it was the guy from the Everest college commercial.

It wouldn’t work for me because I can’t fathom the thought of my “potential” income being dictated by the actions of others. But I’m not rebuking the club get your money my friend.